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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Disney World Gift Shop Purchase with Purchase

Current (as of 3/13) PWP Tote Bag

Did you know that the Disney World Gift Shops offer Purchase with Purchase items?

Purchase with Purchase Disney world merchandise, or PWP for minimum amount of money in a Disney gift shop.

These are special items that are only available at the registers when you check out, and are limited in quantity.

The PWP items change throughout the year, usually offering anywhere from 2-4 choices.  Sometimes you will even find special purchase with purchase items in a Downtown Disney store that you many not find in a Disney theme park.

These promotions usually require that you spend at least $20.00 on Disney merchandise to be able to qualify to buy that featured item while shopping at Disney.

Some of the Disney World gift shop purchase with purchase items in the past have been Tote bags, Watches, Disney Shopping Bag, Plush Toys, Fleece Blankets, Throws, Disney Trading Pins, and backpacks.

Occasionally you can even find a PWP item that is for Annual Passholders only, like the Passholder character glasses that were released last year.

Current (as of March 2013) PWP Disney pin and lanyard set

Are you interested in a PWP item?
You don't have to buy anything else ~~~ we can just purchase the PWP item that you want, on it's own ... and ship it to you!

There's no need to spend any minimum amount to get the pin set, the tote, or the plush you want.  We can get it for you with no other purchase required!  

Disney online shopping has never been so easy!  Let the Disney World Personal Shoppers shop for you!

We can purchase almost anything from Walt Disney World Florida and either ship it to you, or add it to any Gift Bag or Basket and deliver it to the resorts at Disney World!


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