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Monday, June 3, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear New Releases!


Duffy the Disney Bear New Releases!

Shopping at Disney is always fun, and I always get excited with the release of new Disney Parks items.

I am particularly happy to announce the new Duffy Disney merchandise, coming soon to Walt Disney World Florida.  While the release date has not been announced yet, I have actually seen one of the costumes for sale in a Disney World gift shop already.

There are two new Disney Holiday costumes for the 17" Duffy bear, and I already found the Patriotic outfit at Disney Hollywood Studios last week for $22.00!

My personal favorite of the two is the Halloween outfit though, I LOVE Halloween!!  I know my daughter will have to have this outfit, to go with her Duffy Pumpkin Halloween costume from last year.

I have a feeling that the adorable Sulley Duffy outfit in the photo at the top of the page will be hard to find in the Downtown Disney stores.  Just in time for the release of Monster's University, this cuddly outfit is sure to be a top seller, and a favorite with Duffy the Disney Bear fans, and Monster's Inc. fans!

Oswald's Service Station Duffy Bear

The Oswald's Service Station Duffy Bear is really nice.  It features a plush Disney bear with an authentic "Service Station Attendant" outfit on.  It's a 12" bear, not a 17" bear like the ones you can dress yourself.  I would suggest purchasing this bear as a collector's item, and displaying him to show your love of Disney parks. ºOº

I know my daughter will want Sailor Mickey Mouse and Sailor Duffy Bear!!  Isn't it just wonderful?  It's a plush featuring Mickey Mouse, and he's holding his toy bear!

This plush was created for the Disney shopping Store online, so you can go to the Disney Store to purchase him.  He is 17" tall and is $30.00.  

I absolutely love this Disney Cruise Line Duffy bear, but in order to purchase one you must go on a Disney Cruise.  It's a DCL exclusive, so if you're taking a vacation on a Disney Cruise Line, make sure to pick one up!!

This bear comes with his outfit, and is 12" tall.

The Duffy Railroad Conductor Outfit is $20.00, and it represents the Walt Disney World Railroad in Disneys Magic Kingdom.  

It fits a 17" bear and features the WDW Railroad symbol on it's cap.  There will be one of these outfits made for Disneyland and Disneyland Resort Paris also.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the Duffy the Disney Bear New Releases!

Check back often for the latest Disney Merchandise news and information on Disney shopping!

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  1. How much would it be to get the sulley costume?

    1. Hi Jessica! The costume is $22.00. You pay the price of the item, tax, and shipping, plus my service charge of 30% (min 8.00).
      You can email me at if you'd like to order.


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