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Friday, August 16, 2013

Beauty and the Beast; New Disney Merchandise!

Beauty and the Beast; New Disney Merchandise!

Beauty and the Beast Wall Tapestry
and Throw
There's quite a few new Belle and Beauty and the Beast items coming this Fall to the Disney Parks and I'm very excited about them!

Above is the wall tapestry and a throw, aren't they beautiful?  The design with Beauty and the Beast, in his human Prince form, reminds me of the mosaic in Cinderella's Castle!

The wall tapestry is just gorgeous, featuring one of my favorite scenes from the Disney movie.

Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Window
Can you imagine this stained glass window hanging in your  house?  Well it can!!  I (Disney World Personal Shopper), can purchase it for you and have it safely shipped directly from Disneys Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland to your home!!

Thomas Kinkade 1000 pc
Beauty and the Beast Puzzle

I'm definitely going to have to add Thomas Kinkade Disney puzzle featuring Beauty and the Beast and the castle to my collection, it's just beautiful!
Lumiere electric Candle figure
I can't wait to purchase the electric candle figure "Lumiere"!!  You can turn him off and on and the little flames flicker to look like their lit!!

It's 11" tall and is just amazing!!!  Thank you Disney Merchandising for these wonderful new items!

Gaston Tavern Figure

If you like Gaston you'll love the new Disney collectible figure featuring Gatson!!  It looks just like the fountain in front of Gaston's Tavern in Disneys New Fantasyland and is about 14" tall.


I am in love with the new Mrs. Potts and Chip talking tea set.  I would have loved to have had one of those when I was a child. 

It's going to make a lot of little Disney Princesses very, very happy. ♥

Mrs. Potts Beauty and the Beast Tea Set

Another fun Beauty and the Beast toy will be for the little Princes out there!

Gaston Beauty and the Beast
Crossbow toy

I know my son will LOVE this Gaston crossbow!  What a fun idea for little boys and girls on their Disney family vacations to buy as a souvenir!!

Of course we can't forget shields and swords!  Look for a new line of crossbows, shields, and swords coming soon!

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  1. How much is the puzzle and do they have his other prints as puzzles???

    1. Hi Jamie!

      The Thomas Kinkade puzzle is available, and it is $18.95.

  2. is the lumiere light and gaston statue available now?

    1. No, it hasn't been released yet as of 9/1/13 Fairy GodNa, but I will post it on my Facebook page when it is!

  3. are the lumiere and Gaston figure available now?

    1. No, not yet, but stay tuned! I will announce it's release when I find it in the Disney Parks.

  4. How much is the lumiere candle?!

    1. It hasn't been released yet, and the price hasn't been announced.

      I will post additional photos, and prices on my Facebook page once it's released.



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