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Monday, October 21, 2013

It's A Small World Singing Dolls! New in Disney World Gift Shops!

It's A Small World Singing Dolls!  New in Disney World Gift Shops!

One of the most popular and classic Disney World rides for children and adults now has their own beautiful dolls!

The dolls are $34.95 each, and they play the theme song from "It's A Small World"!!

There are many dolls to choose from, that you can play with or collect!  Each one is gorgeous and represents one of the "Lands" featured in the attraction.

One of my favorites is the doll representing India, it's so very pretty and reminds me of the ride that I grew up riding in Disney Land.

I don't know the exact measurement of the dolls, but they are large dolls, over a foot tall.  They are perfect for children to play with, or for adults and children to collect!

Currently they can be found in Disney World Florida, in "Once Upon A Toy" Disney gift shop in Downtown Disney Marketplace.

If don't have a Disney family vacation planned and you'd like one of these special dolls, Disney World Personal Shopper can do your Disney shopping for you!!

Just send us an email to place your order!  We purchase Disney merchandise from the parks and resorts for you, and then ship it to you!

Thanks for reading about the brand new "It's A Small World" Singing Dolls!  New in Disney World Gift Shops!

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