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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Where's Mickey?" New Disney Vera Bradley Bags

"Where's Mickey?" New Disney Vera Bradley Bags

The first release of the Vera Bradley Disney purses and bags on September 21st was a huge hit in Disney Parks!

The two patterns, "Just Mousing Around", featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse and lots of pretty pink basically sold out and still continues to be out of stock in Disney World gift shops.

The black pattern, "Midnight with Mickey", was the most popular and many styles sold out on their release day, and never returned.

We are still looking for and shopping for both styles, so if you would like to place an order for one of these two patterns please email me at

Now ... onto the exciting news!!!  Disney announced that a brand new pattern, "Where's Mickey?" will be coming to the "World of Disney" gift shop soon!

I spoke with a CM manager at the store the other night when I was shopping.  I had asked her about the purses because all they had for sale were duffels in the pink and black Disney design.  

She said that they would be selling the pink and black bags on Disney shopping online starting October 21st, and that they were making room for the new Disney Vera Bradley pattern release!!

Disney didn't announce the release date but it will be soon, and we will be prepared!!

Because of this we are once again taking pre-orders!  You can email us at with your name, your PayPal email address for an invoice, and your bag requests.

You can see the Disney Vera bag sizes and styles by clicking here.

Just let us know what you want and we'll take your order and put you on the shopping list!  

I have a feeling this bag will be even more popular than the first designs!  It's absolutely gorgeous!!

We purchase over 400 Vera Bradley bags for the first release, and we're looking forward to purchase these beautiful "Where's Mickey?" new Disney Vera Bradley bags for you!

~Amy and Elizabeth
Disney World Personal Shoppers 

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