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Monday, November 25, 2013

Contemporary Resort "Gingerbread Tree" Baked Christmas Treats!

Contemporary Resort "Gingerbread Tree" Baked Christmas Treats!

Each year a select few Disney Deluxe Resorts put up a gingerbread display for the holidays.

The Contemporary Resort, the Grand Floridian, and the Yacht Club all feature special displays and treats for sale throughout December.

Contemporary Resort Rice Crispy Treats

Contemporary Resort Gingerbread Tree Shingles

One of the most famous fresh treats are the Gingerbread shingles!  They are very large and very cute!!  The Contemporary Resort Disney shingles feature Mickey Mouse, and are soft and delicious!

You can watch the video below to view all the yummy Christmas treats, and the Gingerbread Tree!

Did you know that we can ship everything except for the Hidden Mickey Cupcake?

That's right, just pick a shopper and email them to have your order purchased and shipped to you for the holidays!

Disney online shopping has never been so fun, or easy to enjoy at home!

Small World Chocolates
Whether you want cookies, freshly baked holiday bread, rice crispies, cake pops, or a Gingerbread kit to make your own special Disney gingerbread house, we can get them for you so that you can have a bit of Disney Christmas in your home!

Gingerbread Boy cookie

The Gingerbread Boy is one of my favorites!  

Contemporary Resort Gingerbread Kit
The Disney World Contemporary Resort Gingerbread Kit is $25.00 and comes with instructions and pieces to make an edible gingerbread Contemporary Resort!!

It even comes with a little chocolate Disney monorail that fits inside it!!!!

Monorail Cookie

Speaking of Disney World monorails ... isn't this monorail sugar cookie neat?!?  It's wrapped for freshness, and would look great in a stocking!

There are many delicious Contemporary Resort "Gingerbread Tree" Baked Christmas Treats available to choose from, so make sure to browse our photo album before making a list and sending to your shopper!

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your Disney World Christmas holiday treats from Disney World Personal Shopper. ºOº

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