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Monday, January 6, 2014

Disney Parks Dooney and Bourke ~ New Patterns Coming Soon!

Disney Parks Dooney and Bourke ~ New Patterns Coming Soon!

I have wonderful news for Disney Dooney fans ... new styles are coming in 2014 to Disney gift shops!!

The rumor has it that they will be appearing in May!

Disney shared one of the new patterns with us, you can view it above.  It features classic black and white Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, along with Disney Theme Park icons like Cinderella's Castle, popcorn stands, and Disney Main Street with shops!!

I just love this new pattern, and I can't wait to see them in the stores!  I definitely think I will be purchasing a cross body purse for myself.

This spring will  mark 5 years of Dooney and Bourke being for sale in Disney World gift shops, and they plan on celebrating!!

I can't wait to see what other gorgeous and special Disney Dooney purses will be available!!

Remember, Disney World Personal Shopper can shop for you!!

Just watch our Facebook page (make sure to "Like" it!), and send an email to when you see photos and prices released to place your order!

Looking for special placement?  No worries!  We specialize in hand picking the most beautiful bags!

We can even go into the store, take photos of the available bags in the style you want, and text photos to you, so you can choose the actual bag you want!

Thanks for reading about the Disney Parks Dooney and Bourke ~ New Patterns Coming Soon!

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  1. When will this new pattern be available? Valerie in Missouri

    1. Hi Valerie! It is supposed to be released in May in Walt Disney World.
      If you're interested in ordering one you can send an email to


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