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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Trina K.; DWPS Dream Maker

Trina K.; DWPS Dream Maker

Hi - 
My name is Trina, and being a mother of 3 kids and a grandmother to 2 has given me a reason to visit Disneyland frequently.

After seeing how much my family enjoys the magic of Disney, I decided I wanted to send it to people who couldn’t visit the park regularly.

Being a Disneyland Shopper also allows me to send magic to the ones who desire exclusive Disneyland merchandise. 

Living close to the Disneyland Resort and Hotels lets me visit regularly ensuring that all my clients wish lists are shipped in a timely manner.

If you are looking for merchandise or a special item that is exclusively sold at Disneyland, Downtown Disney, or California Adventure, I can find it, package it, and ship it to you within 3-4 days. 

Do you have guests visiting Disneyland?

Together we can make it special by having *Magic* delivered to their hotel.

Just email me to get started and place an order.

Hoping to send *Magic* your way!


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*Disney World Personal Shopper, DWPS Dream Makers, and Trina K. are not associated with the Walt Disney Company in any way.
Our DWPS Dream Makers are independent shoppers, referred by us, the Disney World Personal Shoppers, for your personal shopping needs.
All financial transactions are conducted through the individual Dream Maker of your choice, and you, not cDisney World Personal Shoppers, Amy, or Elizabeth Donoho, or the Disney Company or any of it's affiliates

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