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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Disney Precious Moments Dolls: Ordering Information

Disney Precious Moments Dolls: Ordering Information

Did you know that Linda Rick is the owner and creator of Disney Precious Moments Dolls?

She is a Disney Featured Artist, which means that she brings her dolls to Disney gift shops with her on specific dates throughout the year, and personalizes them for you, for no additional charge!

Her dolls are not available year round in the gift shops.  The only time you can purchase dolls from her vast collection is when she's at Disney for an event signing.

See her in action at "Once Upon a Toy" for an event in 2013, in the video below. ºOº

She visits Disneyland in California, and Disneyworld in Florida multiple times per year, and we are always there shopping for you!

Each season she releases special Limited Edition dolls, and she stays up to date on your favorite Disney movie characters!

Her newest dolls are Elsa and Anna from "Frozen", and they are debuting this March!

The variety of dolls that are available is just amazing!!  See for yourself!

We always announce Linda's upcoming visits, and we're always taking orders for her magical and beautiful dolls.

To Order:

• Browse the photo catalog of dolls
• Send an email to
• Let us know which doll(s) you'd like, and the name of the person the doll is being autographed for

We shop at each of her Disney World events and have your dolls personalized for you, then shipped directly to your home from the store!
Get the best price on your Walt Disney World Vacation Package... Guaranteed!

Doll stands are available, and each dolls comes in a Precious Moments paper box.

Fun Facts:

• There is no limit to the dolls you can order from us
• Personalization is FREE
• Dolls ship UPS Ground directly to your home or preferred address
• They make special gifts for children AND adults of all ages and genders (they have Prince dolls)!

We hope that we've answered your questions about Disney Precious Moments Dolls: Ordering Information.

Please email us at to order your gorgeous dolls anytime, and "Like" us on Facebook for daily Disney World merchandise photos, news, and information!

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